Sunday, January 23, 2011

So much has happened...

So it has been over a year since writing. This is one of my new year resolutions is to actually allow myself some down time to just write.

A lot has happened. On the sad note I lost my grandfather. I really wasn't close to him and was't around him very much growing up. It hit me a lot harder than I expected. Probably due to regret of not stepping to change the relationship. I mean I visited him a few times and he did me a couple of times but didn't have that bond that you usually would have. Although I have regained a closer relationship with some of my family on that side. Like we had Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner together which hasn't happened since my grandma(dads mom) passed when I was 10.(she passed feb 8,1993).

 Also with my grandmother on my moms side we had a cancer scare. She was told she had cancer on her bladder and that if they didn't get it all she would have to go through chemo. So we all decided to go to the beach with them "just in case". There were 34 or so of us. But looks as though they got it all and all is good for now.

All the kids have gotten a year older (11,9,7,4).

At the end of the year 2010 2 days before kids were to get out of school for christmas break my middle daughter ended up having an asthma attack which was a surprise seeing as how we didn't know she had asthma. We spent 3 days in the hospital. Then spent the next 2 weeks getting that under control, all to go to the allergy doctor and find out she is allergic to everything and has to start allergy shots and has to have an epi-pen just in case.

So I ended up being off work for 2 weeks cause things were slow and it was good to be here working on getting used to the whole asthma thing.

My cousin and I playing Michael Jackson dance on the wii christmas day

Which oh yes I started working since last blogging. I am on my second job since then. First one was 4am-8am. Thinking it would be a great fit. I could go work a few hours then be off in time to get my son and my husband go to work. Well that worked for a little while then got tiring really fast. So now I am working at a daycare as a floater. I haven't complained at all till now really. Ever since going back after christmas/new year it has just been tough. Plus all the medical stuff going on and changes needing to be made hasn't helped I am sure. Over all we had a pretty good year made some great new friends.

And to put icing on the cake right now we are passing around a cold/flu bug.

On the plus side of things I have lost just a few ounces of 20lbs in the last 2 months. Sad part is that I was feeling all good about it coming off, but now I look and still feeling fat. Oh day I will be happy I am sure.

Friday, January 29, 2010


It is such a blast at times and can be such a bummer at times. I have been so bus trying to help sell as many girl scout cookies possible with my 3 daughters Miss B, Miss S & Miss T. boy it is hard work. Also I am the leader of Miss T's troop and coleader of Miss B's troop so we have been busy plus we have booth sales coming soon.

I have no idea what I will be doing with the other kids while doing this with the other. My husband is going through fire training so he saturdays are mostly gone. So should be interesting. I will manage I always seem to.

Also Mr A has been sick for like 3 days now,must be some kid of stomach bug cause it is giving him all kinds of issues. Tonight was the first night my husband got to witness it first hand. He has been out on calls the last few nights so hasnt dealt with it. I was like your turn. Know you know what I have been dealing with. And I have been dealing with congestion and sore throat for about a week now. I have been so drained.

On top of having to deal with little girl drama over the talent show. This is in elementary. Although I did think think that my daughter was pulling a haha we are going to make it cause we know a judge move...turns out the 4 girls were suppose to do it together and she had told them that they would all made it cause she knew a judge but the form didnt get signed by all 4 parents so 2 thought they were not going to be able to be in it...blah blah won't it be even more funwhen they are all teenagers?!?! I sooooo CAN wait....!

Sunday, January 10, 2010


Friday was the first day of girl scout cookie sells, man and I have 3 selling this year. WHAT have I gotten myself into?  So I think it is about time to get back on my trying to live a little healthier kick. My son Mr A is now 3 and I feel like the weight has only added not gone. So since July I have lost 30 lbs. not enough for me but it has been slow so maybe it will stay off. Even though I still have 40 more to go to be "healthy". I have a closet full of clothes I can't wear but keep cause if I got rid of them my closet would be empty. Even though when I do get the weight off there will be no way that I will want to wear them cause they will be from my early twenties. I will be 29 in feb. which bring me to another thing, feeling old. MAN i feel old. Like I need to go out and buy a bunch of wrinkle cream and just bathe in it. I feel like my youth is running away from me. I mean I dont want to be a teenager or anything but I don't like the idea of growing OLD!

So this weekend we went to my cousin's daughters birthday at the skating rink, I remember being a teenager and going to the skating rink every weekend skating as fast as I could all night. But on this evening this youngness was gone I spent the whole time hoping not to fall. All the kids going as fast as they could around us.Reality really starts to sit in at times like these LOL.....

Monday, January 4, 2010

Gaining Some Sanity Back

So today was the first day back to school after being out for 2 weeks. I really wasn't ready to get up this morning but made it up anyways. I got up and started doing some cleaning once the girls were out the door. A little later saw a small opening in my bedroom door, and there was my son looking at me sitting in the floor. So I turned on some cartoons and finished cleaning up. Then my inlaws got up and about and we all got ready and spent the day running around. It was really cold today though. I got a new set of dishes which are awesome.  Then we got back about 20 minutes before the girls got out of school. Man it sure was a peaceful day today till the got home. All the arguing and bickering started.

So the last two weeks what has happened? Christmas and New Years.

Lets see, nothing much went on Christmas was good kids got some great stuff but still managed to say "well I really wanted_____ and didnt get it" Man it really sucks when you try really hard to get them EVERYTHING but they manage to remember the ONE thing they DID'NT get! Anyways they had a good one. I got my husband a sign that says "I AM MAN HEAR ME BELCH" cause I thought it was funny and he always is and some redneck shot gun shell lights cause they were to funny to pass up. Me on the other didn't manage to get anything except a cheap bath set (small wicker basket with 1bar soap,1 lotion,&1 gel soap) YIPPY!!!

Anyways after that was New Years Eve which was our 4th wedding anniversary which I didn't get anything for either. I got him a change/key try that is the bottom of a fire hydrant with a hose wrapped around it and a fire hat on the side) nothing much but more thoughtful/meaningful because he is working on becoming a volunteer fire fighter in our town.

So I spent most the day mad and mainly hurt cause I didn't even get a card. So we went to dinner with my coousin and her husband a couple her husband works with. Then we went to a little hole in the wall bar,but had fun. My cousin was getting him for not getting me anything and he was like "well she doesn't appreciate anything I give her anyways so why try. " Really what have I gotten? I haven't gotten anything for christmas in like 2 yrs and I haven't gotten anything for an anniversary since my first anniversary. Which made me mad all over again. I am still bitter about it as you can tell and he doesn't understand why!!!!

So hope everyone had a Great Christmas & Happy New Year.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas Spirit

Lets see where to begin.....
We tried to see Santa for the last Santa last night at Santa Village, which it was a great idea till we got there and couldn't move. They had all these little houses that you could in and do different things but there were so many people that we only made in to about 2. We decided that it was to cold to wait in the hour and half long line with 10 kids that ranged from 2-11 and only 3 adults to corral.

So today we went to the movies with my cousin which means we again had 10 kids but we had 4 adults that 1 really helped right lol. Anyways so we went and saw Christmas Carol not in 3D though cause we didn't think the 2 littlest ones would do so well. It was a pretty good movie.

Then afterwards my crew heads to Bass Pro in hopes to have some fun and see Santa...Man what a mad house. I stood in line while my husband tried to do the crafts with them. I think they only manged to do one. So we get up to see Santa about an hour later and our youngest which is 3 wants no part of it, so Santa gets up and lets my husband sit in his chair and he stands behind them all, which I thought was funny. But it worked I have a 2 pictures one where the 3 yr old is trying to escape and one where he is smiling.

I think that next year we will be seeing Santa in Nov.

Saturday, December 19, 2009


So this is me Angelique ...I think... I think I lost myself somewhere between giving birth 10 yrs ago and potty training a 3 yr old boy now.....

I became a mom 10yrs ago to a little girl when I was still a little girl at the age of 17. Man that seems sooo long ago.

So here I am a stay at home mother of four. 3 girls(10,8,&6) and a boy(3).
It can be times although is very draining and can wear on a person. You just become some sort of zombie that just does what HAS to be done and keep going. Sometimes you wonder "how did I get here??" ,"how did I become someone on auto pilot?" There always seems to be something,rather it be needing to take a kid here or there or making or doing SOMETHING ALWAYS!!!

Don't get me wrong I love my kids just wish there could be some ME time sometimes!